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SU: LarSadie by Ly-sany SU: LarSadie :iconly-sany:Ly-sany 51 0 Lars.Lion by Z4pineapple Lars.Lion :iconz4pineapple:Z4pineapple 18 0 Rose Bonded by CeCi-k Rose Bonded :iconceci-k:CeCi-k 118 4
Love is...ALWAYS putting her first -Germany X You-
Love is…
ALWAYS putting her first
  'What a perfect day… the sun is shining, birds are singing…'  Ludwig sat in front of a paperwork covered desk. '…..and here I am, doing paperwork' He sighed. "LUDWIG!" Before he could respond, he was glomped by a very hyper _________.  "Nein! __________! Get off of me at once!" Ludwig yelled. You jumped off of Ludwig and stood in front of him, your hands clasped in front of you.
  "Vhat do you vant?" he mumbled. You smiled. "It's really nice outside. I was wondering if you wanted to play some football [1] with me?" Ludwig sighed, faceplaming as he did so. "_______! I have a lot of work to do. Could you please leave?"
You looked into his eyes with your sweetest anime puppy dog face. "Please, Ludwig? You're always working! Loosen up and have some fun!" Ludwig ignored your adorable face and turned
:iconmariakirkland:MariaKirkland 210 60
SwedenxBullied!Reader: I'm not pretty
"Leave me alone!" you yelled at your bullies. You'd been dealing with bullies since kindergarten, and you made yourself numb to the pain. "L'v' h'r 'l'n'." It was your best friend, Berwald. The girls were intimidated by the tall Swede, and left immediately. "Thanks, Berwald." He gave a small nod. "(Name), 't's n' pr'bl'm." Some more of your friends walked up, a girl named Natalia, and her brother, Ivan. (I've toned down Belarus a bit for this story) "Privyet, (Name)! How are you?" "oh, hi Ivan. Hi Natalia. I'm... Peachy." They were also anime and manga nerds, just like you. (if you know about hetalia, and are a fan of it, then I consider you a fellow nerd.) "(name), they were picking on you again, weren't they?" You nodded. "yeah, but I'm fine. It doesn't bother me anymore." 
The bell rang, signifying the start of the school day.
~le timeskip to after school because I'm a lazy writer~ 
"(Name), seriously, why do you even show up to school in those clothes? You couldn't dress
:iconsailorsun1998:SailorSun1998 57 39
Russiaxreader: Serendipity
Serendipity: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident~ from 
You'll see how it applies here. Vee~ 
Russia/Ivan's POV~
I was walking down the sidewalk that day, contemplating life. Asking myself questions like, why are people scared of me? And, Will someone ever NOT be scared of me?
Then, I saw her. (Name). She was wearing a long white overcoat, very similar to mine, and a (f/c) scarf. Her hands were encased with white gloves, with fur along the wrists. Her (h/c) hair was pulled back, but only slightly, by a (f/c) kerchief. 
She must have been Russian, she had the most beautiful (e/c) eyes, and she wore a necklace with a tiny Russian flag. I had to talk to her. "Привет. My name is Ivan. How are you?"
"Привет (1).  My name is Ivan. How are you?" A complete stranger, asking me about my day. "Erm~ well…It's debatable… First my b
:iconsailorsun1998:SailorSun1998 27 12
Taking care (Wounded!2p!Italy X Kind!Scary!Reader)
Hehehe...since this is Luciano which means swearing or curses in the beginning although I don't I'll try my best to fit his character but I kind of censored it. Unfortunately this ain't violence...only pure weirdness humor and weird fluffiness for those who are fond of violence like me (I'm still not good at writing those kinds of fics so it may take a while). 
(Third Pov) 
The Axis and Allies had a fight again but this time it was more brutally and could see some of them bleeding all over, few had more fractured bones, and all of them had a face where you couldn't recognized them except for the clothes they are wearing that is. 
Right now a blonde Italian boy with gray eyes which is covered by blue sunglasses named Romano, South Italy or Flavio Vargas happened to see his beloved little fratello beaten up with a lot of blood surrounding him, not moving in an alley (Flavio uses the alley as a shortcut for his fashion shows). Flavio panicked to
:iconzhequietsayu:ZheQuietSayu 607 285
England X Reader- Spy Vs Spy
England X Reader- Spy Vs Spy
You smiled as you walked up the stairs to your best friends apartment. It had been a few months since you had hung out with him. It had been hard to visit him due to the fact that you both were secret government agents. He had been sent to England to investigate a murder of a government official. While you were forced to stay and do office work.
Without even knocking you entered the small one bedroom apartment. Arthur looked up from his newspaper and smiled.
"Ah, _______ right on time. How are you?" He ushered you in the door.
"I'm fine. How are you and Al? You asked, smirking.
Arthur groaned, "The Bloody Idiot is taking me out for dinner tonight, but we are fine. How are you and Matthias doing." He winked at you.
"He proposed about 2 months ago. Also he are lemony fresh! Hahahahahaha." You laughed while Arthur looked at you totally confused.
"Congratulations, but what the bloody hell does lemony fresh mean? Are you talking about furniture cleaner?" Upon he
:iconlilykilpatrickart:LilyKilpatrickART 48 32
England x Reader- Servant of Evil
England x Reader
Servant of Evil
Laughter rang through the hills and mountains. Laughter of two best friends, enjoying their time together.
The little girl, who had 'caterpillar eyebrows and piercing green eyes, was in the middle of making something, her face scrunched with determination. The boy, the one that had 'caterpillar' eyebrows and piercing green eyes, looked over at what she was doing.
"DONE!" She sprang up to her feet, holding up what seems to be a pair of flowers, the stems intertwined together. She hands her masterpiece to the little boy looking up at her.
"It's for you, Arthur!" She beams.
"For.. Me?" He says, reaching for the piece of art.
"Well, who else is here, silly!"
"Why, thank you.. But what is it?"
The girl huffs.
"Well, it's a ribbon, silly!" She says matter-of-factly. Arthur couldn't help but giggle. He was the same age as her, but a little bit sharper in the head. He knew it wasn't a ribbon. He just smiles at the girl.
"Well,______.. Thank you for the ribbon!"
:iconzheawesomecat:ZheAwesomeCat 105 60
England x Reader- Regret Message
Regret Message
Requested by: ~xXMytreIslandXx
"Arthur? What do you do everyday, when you go to this beach??" I asked, smiling at him from afar. He looked back at me with his green eyes. He smiled back. "I'm trying to make my wish come true," he says holding a message in a bottle, "by letting bottles filled with my wish flow freely in the sea.." I glance at him. He face was quite serious. I couldn't believe that he'd believe such a lie. I chuckled.
"Princess ______, would you like to make a wish too?" He averts his gaze from the blue sea to my eyes.
I laugh haughtily. "That's a game for peasants!" He smiled weakly. "I see." And he looked back at the sea. I slightly pouted looking at his expression, and wrapped my arms around his neck from behind. "I mean, what's the point, Arthur? You already granted all of my wishes, right??" I grin. He was slightly surprised by what I'd just said, and he just responded with a wide smile, one I've never seen before. "I'm glad, Princess." I just laughed
:iconzheawesomecat:ZheAwesomeCat 185 168
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Request
A sharp pain woke you from your forced sleep. With an audible groan, you shoot up, (e/c) eyes glaring at the source of the pain. Before you stood a taller man with a messy mop of blonde hair that fell over the bushiest set of eyebrows you had ever seen and a cat o' nine tails in his left hand. His long red coat brushed past you as he circled your bound form, bright green eyes stalking you like a shark once the scent of blood reached it's senses.
"Do you know who I am?" He asks you with a thick British accent. Of course you knew who he was. Your Captain had warned you about this man.
"Arthur Kirkland." You spit, not hiding the venom dripping off of your tongue. Arthur smirks down at you as he continues his slow, cautious circles around you. Your wrists were bound by rope behind your back and any attempt to move them shot shock waves of pain up your arms. In a panic, you suddenly look down at your torso. You let out a quiet sigh, feeling the bandages still tightly wrapped around your che
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 138 27
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 2
"_________!" You let out an annoyed whine as you hear your name yelled out across the kitchen. Alfred bursts into the kitchen, nearly tearing the door off of it's hinges. "_________! Where are you?" He calls with a pout.
"In front of you, Alfred. I swear, how did you ever manage on this ship without me? I'm surprised the Captain hasn't thrown you overboard by now." You say with a slight smile. A month had come and gone in a flash, not that you really noticed. Arthur had been true to his word and kept you on board as his personal Cabin Boy. A job which consisted of making him tea nearly twenty times a day, being the test subject for his various spells, and keeping Alfred from killing himself or sinking the ship. He also put you to work in the kitchens as the ship's cook.
"The crew seems to hate when I cook. One of my former crew mates just keeled over one day after taking a bite from one of my scones. A little dramatic, don't you think?" He explained when he had assigned you the
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 67 9
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 3
It had been two days since your confrontation with Arthur and you were doing your best to avoid him, much to his annoyance. The only time you were in his presence for more than a few seconds was when you brought him his tea and even then you were only there for a moment before quickly storming out to avoid him drawing you into a conversation. Alfred had noticed this change in your behavior and followed you relentlessly trying to learn the reason behind your anger. Today was no different.
"________, can you tell me why you're avoidin' the Cap'n now?" He asks you as you quietly drag your wet mop across the wooden floor of the kitchen. You refuse to answer, keeping your eyes trained on the floor beneath your boots. Alfred sighs and leans against the wall beside you, arms crossed over his chest. "You're going to have to tell me eventually, _______."
"Doesn't the Captain," You spit the word out venomously. "Need you for anything, Alfred?" You ask finally looking up to meet his bright baby b
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 62 12
Mature content
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 4 :iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 69 11
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 5
~~~~~Arthur's POV~~~~~
"Arthur Kirkland. This is a surprise." Francis purred as I kept my pistol steady with his eyes. From the corner of my eye I notice Gilbert covered in blood but I try not to think the worst. I can feel Alfred's body tense beside me as he notices the same but he stays still. I can feel his anger radiating off of him.
"I believe you took some things of mine." I say with a smirk. His crew sat behind me, tied up in the same fashion he had done to my crew so there was no one to save the Bad Touch Trio this time. Francis chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.
"Oh Arthur, you're still trying to get your hands on that silly little book? I don't understand why you want it so bad! You have exactly what I want, what we all want! Why do you want to throw it all away?" Francis asks with genuine curiosity in his eyes. I growl and bring the barrel of my pistol closer to his skin, ready to finally do away with the meddlesome Frenchman.
"You consider it a gift. To me, it's nothing b
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 65 13
Pirate!England X Crossdressing!Reader Part 6
You watch as Alfred jumps off the barely conscious and bloody Gilbert to join you. You couldn't believe how angry he had gotten when he saw your scars. It was almost frightening but sweet. Not since you were a child had someone defended you that way. You grab Alfred's arm and drag him through the ongoing fight to the far side of the deck where Arthur was sword fighting Francis and Francis appeared to be winning.
"It looks like you have met your end, mon ami." Francis boasts loudly as he brings his sword down harshly, sending Arthur down onto his back. You panic, seeing Arthur struggling on the ground. You adjust Alfred's pack on your back, which was now a little heavier than before and take off from Alfred's side. Just as Francis swings his sword downward to pierce Arthur's chest, you draw the sword you had found in Francis' room and block his attack, sending out a resonating clang over the deck, halting everyone else. Francis' eyes grow wide. "Belle...what are you doing?"
"What I am s
:iconchibiargentine:ChibiArgentine 67 17



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