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Undertale - ECHO animation :iconv0idless:v0idless 2,082 351
Undertale - RE:Incarnation Animation :iconv0idless:v0idless 1,678 235
Happy Valentines Day by v0idless Happy Valentines Day :iconv0idless:v0idless 1,982 99
The Pokemon Master (Cilan X Reader)
(Hello~! Sorry about this, but I`m going to choose what Pokemon you have. They will be:
A Dragonite that knows; Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch
A Giratina that knows; Ominous Wind, Focus Blast, Dragon Rage, and Strength
A Starapter that knows; Fly, Ariel Ace, Close Combat, and Wing Attack
A Snorlax that knows; Rollout, Rock Climb, Crunch, and Surf
A Leafeon that knows; Grass Knot, Aqua Tail, Razor Leaf, and Synthesis
A Celebi that knows; Phychic, Recover, Frenzy Plant, and Giga Drain
Hope you like this story~)
~~Cilan x reader~~
~~Your *POV*~~
I`ve been walking around Unova for quite awhile, bored and getting tired. I`m on my way to a Pokemon Contest, being held in Unova for once. Since I`m a Pokemon Master, I`m to attend. I really think that maybe I could have bailed, but since I`m needed to attend, I can`t. So what happened, is that Leafeon led me threw the guilt trip, and now I`m going. Regardless of my shy-ishness. Once we finally arrived, I saw three people
:iconbiggesteeveefan:BiggestEeveeFan 189 589
Ugly Ducking Syndrome [AmericaxReader]
Ugly Ducking Syndrome
[America x Reader]
In the fifth grade, Alfred had made a friend that he never regretted befriending. Her name was [y/n], and she was the highlight of his days. Back then, she was an awkward girl with quite a bit of baby-fat still lingering on her and braces. Because of those braces, she had the world's most adorable lisp that was accompanied by a cute baby-like voice.
Though all of her 'unattractive' features that people wouldn't normally like, Alfred had found his first crush.
Being the awkwardly shy female that she was, [y/n] never had very many friends. Until Alfred randomly decided to be her hero one day. Unfortunately for him, when they hit the end of sixth grade, they learned that she would have to move away and switch schools. It was a major bummer for the friends, but they stayed connected through texts and skype messages. They haven't called each other or video chatted since eighth grade, though.
It was the butt-end of summer and everyon
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 350 99
2p!Russia xBullied!Reader .:Always Caring:.
Warning: Swearing and blood. Also fluff
(Your P.O.V.)

       I sat idly in class totally and utterly bored. School wasn’t really my thing; if you’re different then you’re a fool, if you’re the best person in the world of the eyes of your peers you’re the best thing ever. I was a fool. Never gave into the pressure of being a bully or dressing up like someone from a fashion magazine; good old T-shirt and some jeans is all I need. I had a group of friend- called the allies-that I usually hang with. There was Allen, Oliver, Matt, Francois, Xiao,  and Vlad. We usually kept to ourselves at all times, only ever separating during fourth period which was now. Nobody picked on us when we were all together but whenever I am away from my protective friends, hell lets loose. In the midst of my thinking a book slammed onto my desk, making me jump. I glanced up to see Jamie and her friend Jasmine
:icongrudgekitty:GrudgeKitty 84 6
Dragon!Hetalia x Reader [Intro]
    The morning sun shone down warmly on you as you walked through town. You and your partner, (Friend's name) were hoping to find a bit of relaxation by visiting the weekly market in the small village you were currently residing in. The two of you floated around from town to town, and that was for many purposes. Sometimes you had to flee from the law (Only on rare occasions, you weren't bad people), a disaster happened, or you just had to leave. But the main reason you never stayed more than a month was because you were after the elusive dragons that you had heard about so much. 
    "(Name), we haven't eaten anything today. I believe it's high time we find something to eat." (Friend) informed you. You sighed, "I suppose you are correct. That vendor seems to have some nice looking bread. We can have that and some fruit for breakfast." (Friend) agreed and went off to buy the fruit as you purchased two loaves of delicious smelling bread. Afte
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 166 34
Dragon!Hetalia x Reader Chapter one!
    Chapter One- An unorthodox encounter

      You were staring up at the dragon, your wide, terrified eyes meeting its blue ones. (Friend) shot a look at you as you unsheathed your sword, ready to fight the dragon. You stood up, getting into a battle position. (Friend) Stood up as well, unsheathing their sword to help protect you. You stood your ground as the great beast took a step toward you, rumbling the ground as it did so. It was indeed beautiful; It was mainly white with a red underbelly and a blue streak starting from its nose to its tail. For a few moments, your faith in yourself faltered, and you considered telling (Friend) to run. The dragon got closer and closer. It raised its head like it was going to attack, and you braced yourself for the deafening roar that was eminent. Time seemed to stop, and all you could hear was the sound of your heart, your slightly heavy breaths, and the breeze. Suddenly, the dragon lowered its neck, crouchin
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 119 29
Dragon!Hetalia x Reader Chapter Two!
    Chapter Two: Introductions

    You groaned. Flying was great, especially since it was a dragon that was flying, but after some time, it became as boring as a horse ride. Sure the view was great, but after thirty minutes of being in the air, everything started to look the same. A lake here, a village there. The occasional mountain or canyon. You sighed, resting your head on Alfreds' furry neck, and closed your eyes. Alfred laughed, "How's everything back there? Not getting bored already are you?" You growled, tightening your grip on his neck. "It's ok dudette, we're almost there." He told you, flapping his wings a bit faster to speed up the trip. I hope so. It's getting very hard to hold on to him. I'm tired, bored, and hungry. We didn't have any breakfast this morning. You thought. Alfred wasn't kidding when he said 'Almost there'. He starting descending towards a deep but breath-takingly beautiful valley. It must be the Valley of Gather
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 85 53
Dragon!Hetalia x Reader Chapter three!
    Chapter Three: Just a Big, Happy Family
    "I think I'll go with..."
    You were still wondering who to go hunt with when you heard a scuffle from behind you. You turned around and suppressed a laugh as you saw Lukas- the Dragon lord of Norway- choking Matthias- the Dragon lord of Denmark- with his own tail. "We're not going to go around scaring nearby villages. We're going fishing." Lukas hissed. Matthias gulped and nodded, unable to reply because he was still being choked. You walked over to them and smiled, "You five seem like an interesting bunch. Mind if I tag along?" Matthias beamed, his smile a bit crooked, but big and genuine all the same. "Hey! We won! Hahaha! She must be attracted to my handsomeness." He gloated. Lukas shot him a glare, "We didn't win anything, stupid Dane." He growled. Tino, the polite Dragon lord of Finland, tried to break up the fight. "Now now, let's not fight." He cast a look at you, "You can
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 72 42
Dragon!Hetalia x Reader Chapter four!
    Chapter Four: Brain storming
(also, for future reference, S/L/N means Similar Last Name C: )
    Tino softly and quietly landed on a hard rock, looking down at the valley. He frowned, "No one's here yet. This is the best part of the valley, and we always meet up here." You shrugged, "Perhaps hunting is harder than fishing. It didn't seem to take us long to get to the lake anyway. We might just be early." Matthias flew down, his red scales blazing like fire in the midday sun. Lukas narrowed his eyes slightly, "No, it seems that someone else is here." Tino tried to follow his gaze, but didn't see anyone, "Really? Where?" 
"Right behind Matthias."
"How can you see it? Matthias is standing right in front of a bunch of rocks."
"I can see their soul."
"Ah, right. I forget."
"Hey! What are you guys doing up there?!" Matthias yelled from where he stood.
"Look behind you, Matthias." Lukas said, no emotion showing whatsoever.
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 61 10
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter five!
  Chapter Five: Captured! 
      "Hey, (name). Are you awake bella?"
     "Hmmmrrrgh. No."
     "Bella, you've got to wake up. If you don't, Ludwig will yell at me- I mean, us!" Feliciano begged. You moaned and rolled over, unaware that you had (somehow) ended up on the Italians' back. "Wah!" You squeaked as you fell. It was a short drop, and you landed on the soft ground with a quiet 'thump'. 
      Feliciano jumped slightly, "Bella! Are you ok? Are you hurt? Please say you're not hurt! Alfred would kill me if you got hurt and I don't want to die!" He cried. You felt a different dragon nudge you up. "She's fine. It's not like you're a very tall dragon, fratello." Lovino grumbled from behind you. You rubbed your arms and smiled weakly, "I'm fine. I just didn't know I was up there." You replied, looking into the fretting dragons' wide amber eyes. He seemed to calm down a bit after that
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 63 17
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Six!
  Chapter Six: Kings' Court
    ~Your (1st) POV~
  Where am I...?
  Was I dreaming...?
  Feli...? Lovino...?
I sat up on a creaky rough bed. My head was pounding, my legs and arms were raw and bound, and I felt noticeably colder. I looked down at my outfit, to find half of it (including my weapons and outer wear) gone. I shrieked, "Where are my things?! My...My sword! My dagger! My coat!" I frantically looked around, finding nothing but the dirty floor and walls of a jail cell. 
           Hold on...when was I caught by guards?
                             "Good morning, little dragon-girl." 
           Oh right. Him.
     I snarled at Adon as he stood outside my cell, his eyes watching me with that same twisted glow of amusement. "Sti
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 55 19
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Seven!
     Chapter Seven: A Friendship Born From Bruising 
     You were carelessly tossed around, getting smacked, punched, kicked, and shoved. This would leave you undeniably bruised and broken, but you didn't scream or cry. You couldn't let them know they had won. The men torturing you were mostly the ones who had captured you, but Adon was allowing regular people to punch you in the face for a small fee. You were often spat upon, and told how worthless you were.
     "Stupid dragon! You were the one who ate my bull two years ago, weren't ye? Well, now yer gonna pay!" Screamed a grungy farmer, who punched you in your jaw. You coughed up blood, and it was a miracle you didn't lose any teeth. "I hate you! My home was burnt down because of you! My furs were charred past repair! Do you know how much they cost? Probably not, you fatheaded lizard!" Screeched a noble lady, you kicked you in the stomach and slapped you in the face. It stung
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 67 31
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Eight!
    Chapter Eight: The Magic Spying Trio- And! A Secret Promise 
    You tossed and turned as you slept, unable to fall fully asleep because of the pain you were in. Now that you were alone, your body decided it was a good time to let you feel the full impact of the days' beatings. You cringed and moaned, your pitiful voice echoing down the eerily quiet hallway. Your stomach rumbled in response, pleading for food. You shut your eyes tight, hoping you could just fall asleep and not wake up until this whole ordeal was over. But you knew you wouldn't be able to. Whining, you let your mind wander to the dragons. Wang had told you they were planning on rescuing you, or at least, he had hinted at it. But when? If this was your treatment every day, you doubted you would be able to survive much longer. Your mind continued to wander, unable to focus on one thing for too long. Surely it's nearly midnight. It can't be much earlier...can it? You thought, hopi
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 52 33
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Nine!
    Chapter Nine: A promise I intended to keep
    You stood there, glaring at Adon with a spiteful glint in your eyes. Adon cracked his famous dark smirk.
"Ready for your second day of fun?"
    You simply spat at him in response. He chuckled and watched as Gothar and Darius walked behind you and pushed you forward. You snarled louder, smacking them in the face. "Don't touch me, you hideous unkempt fungi-monkeys!" You seethed. Gothar narrowed his green eyes and continued roughly ushering you forward, ignoring you as you clawed at his coat. Darius, on the other hand, did not appreciate the contact and retaliated with a much harder, open-handed smack in the face. You stumbled back, wincing but hiding the pain as best you could. Darius seemed unfazed by your actions and continued his job. You were forced over to a large wooden platform that was raised up about a foot or two. The two men didn't give you a chance to lift your legs up
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 46 14



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